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Purpose of the association is is the support and encouragement of needy persons, especially children and teenagers in the Indian state Maharashtra.

Prior a projet at Parbhani  (Maharashtra) shall be founded. Therefore the college of social work will give a position report about the situationand the
needs on-site and fix the criteria to chose which of the children / teenagers / families will be supported.

We cooperate with different local organisations like Terre des Hommes, Tara Mobile Creche, UGAM and a women’s association n Parbhani.

Especially children shall get a chance to have a humane life, develop their potentials and shall be put in the place to take care of their own personal
development. Project Shanti e.V. wants to support projects to fight poverty, fulfillment of the basic needs like for example drinking water supply, and a
well-balanced nutrition.
In addition to this we also want to support an improvement of the medical supply, education in school as well as job-related.

We want to reach thi  target with financial attention

– to support school and job-related education
– installation of a hospital ward and other arrangements of the medical support
– for arrangements to improve the drinking water supply / living conditions
– to support orphanages, schools and apartment houses as well as fate of single persons
– to help people to help themselves

Project Shanti e.V. pursues solely and immediate charitable objectives. The association activities ar executed honorary. The association will collect money
from companies and private persons for fund-raising purposes and will execute beneficiary promotions.

Komplette Satzung Project SHANTI e.V. als PDF.