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Backgrounds for poverty and exploitation of families We talked to the local people in the field about the difficulties, living conditions and hardships. For generations, these people do not escape the cycle, despite diligence, deprivation and hard work. The sugar cane factory works with agents who handle the transport and division of the work as well as the payment of the harvest workers. At any time, no matter day, night or weekend, the trucks or tractors come to load… the groups of about 15 people must charge immediately. For this, enough sugar cane must be beaten and prepared for loading. The advance payment can never be made, so there is a constant financial dependency and the next year, the work begins with debt repayment. The entire family lives in the field in tents with little unclean drinking water and hikes locally according to the agent’s specifications. Under the more than simple and insecure conditions, the children live, work and interrupt school for at least 6 months.