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Once the indigence was located through the case study the individual social / legal support is planned.

  • during the stay in the house they will be prepared to lead their own live, a basic education to earn their living
  • professions we found suitable for this purpose are those in a laundry, tailor’s shop, handcraft, weaving, servant, back-work and so on
  • searching for long term rehabilitations is continued during the stay in the house
  • individual judicial help and supported
  • medical help and referral to medical care if needed
  • the girls living in the home shall also receive out-of-school education so the can be admitted to regular schools in the future
  • agricultural education like farming, tree nursery, floriculture, watering, controlled integrated cultivation, composting (organic fertilizer production) eco-friendly pesticide production and use, manufacturing of fruits and vegetables
  • the arrangements above allow a self-supply of the home
  • each case is examined individually and based on the particular need and   potential a program is compiled